Corporate Training and Soft-skills

  • Track-record with top firms of always ensuring 2 things (whether it’s 20 pax or 500):
    1. An experiential learning environment where people feel energised, speak their mind, connect with self & others, and have fun throughout.
    2. Strong takeaways for each individual: Interactive debriefing that uses NLP, CBT, and Positive Psychology to “challenge, expose, and encourage” people.
  • Changing Mindsets, through powerful delivery of content. This is the key in enabling people to increase self-awareness, and move towards their desired-self.
  • Our content is rooted in Psychology, and we create original activities that relate to the real-world (not the typical ones that look glamorous but don’t get results.)
  • Increased ROI of training: Robust Action-Planning for each individual, and follow-ups for 3 months to achieve a long-term change.


Popular Topics and Modules

Please see the following for an idea of the modules we cover and some of the topics under each of them.

  • Team-Building (Offsite, Outdoor, or Indoor)

    • Increasing Trust and strengthening relationships for higher productivity
    • Breaking silos: within and between teams/departments/locations
    • Understanding team roles and interpersonal-dynamics
    • Accountability and using feedback as a developmental tool
    • Cohesiveness; Empathy and its impact on interpersonal relationships
    • Blame game; taking ownership and responsibility
    • Team-bonding and connecting with people
    • Communicating assertively, eliminating groupthink, and delegating tasks
    • Influencing team members, and managing freeloaders or slackers
  • Speaking with an Impact; Mastery in Communication-Skills

    1. Speaking Powerfully (and Public Speaking)
      • Connecting with people instantly; making an impression in the first meeting
      • Pitching to potential clients and Elevator Speech
      • Eliminating nervousness or fear of public speaking
      • Enhancing the content of the material, structure & flow of information
      • Clarity of thoughts, generating new ideas, making “dry” topics entertaining
      • Handling questions and managing difficult audience members like a pro
      • Body-Language: Everything from style to expressions to gestures
    2. Advanced Communication-Skills
      • Body-Language: Understanding my communication style; Hearing “unspoken” communication
      • Skilled problem-solving through Deep Listening
      • Scientific tactics of influencing people verbally and non-verbally
      • Assertive-speaking, courageous conversations
      • Powerful questioning style for handling conflicts and increasing rapport
    3. Written Communication
      • Improving the quality of all written output (esp. Emails)
      • Focussing on “Clarity”, “Structure” and “Relevance”
      • Tone, Style, Formatting, Etiquette
  • Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence

    • Comprehensive analysis of one’s Emotional Quotient to check gaps/areas for improvement
    • Changing negative beliefs/mindsets through powerful psychological techniques based on NLP and CBT
    • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
      • “Utilizing” negative emotions (converting them into positive ones)
      • Real-world techniques on handling stress
      • Coaching & mentoring through influencing other’s emotional state and behaviour
    • Empathy and humour
    • Managing stress, work pressure, burnout, office politics, and difficult people
    • Session on Positive Conditioning and NLP; practical applications for personal and professional situations
  • Leadership and Management Development

    For upper management and experienced leaders, we have a comprehensive Leadership Module that is customized according to the level of the audience, how many programs have they already undergone, etc.

    For intermediate level or middle-management, we touch on the following topics:

    • Assessing the current reality, desired goals, and gaps (for self, team-members, and organization)
    • Self-leadership and confidence-building
    • Advanced communication-skills: Enhancing the style to increase one’s influence
    • Developing people: Inspiring, motivating, mentoring, training, and coaching
    • Managing difficult people, politics, or differences within groups
    • Powerful decision-making, and developing empowering methods of problem-solving
  • Confidence-Building and Positive Conditioning

    • Self-awareness and regulating one’s emotions
    • Building a positive self-talk (for motivating oneself and others, or handling stress)
    • Communicating confidently and speaking up in meetings and presentations
    • Scientific methods to Influencing people in the family or at work
    • Learning to tackle Mental Blocks
    • Managing rejections or criticisms easily
  • Conflict-Management and Negotiation

    • Key techniques of negotiation; creating win-win situations
    • Understanding mindset of negotiation; Advanced problem-solving techniques
    • Regulating body language to retain a position of power; remaining in-control
    • Scientific tactics of influencing people verbally and non-verbally
    • Adapting to different communication styles, and managing difficult or aggressive people
    • Applying the CARE Principle – Communicate, Action, Respect, and Empathy












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