Explanation of Rollover Requirements

If you’re a regular visitor to BestOnlineGambling.com, you’ve probably noticed that I talk about rollover requirements fairly often. I’ve decided to explain rollover requirements only once, rather than on every page that might possibly reference them.

All online casino bonuses include small print that mentions rollover or wagering requirements. Bonuses and winnings from bonuses often come with “rollover requirements,” which dictate how much money must be wagered before the bonus or winnings can be withdrawn.


Let’s imagine you’re looking for a 100% matching deposit bonus and decide to sign up at a random online casino. You put in $100 and get another $100 free. Let’s also assume that the wagering requirement for this casino is 20 times the sum of your deposit and bonus.


This implies you need to commit to a total of $4,000 in bets, or 20 bets at $200 each. The key point here is that you need only wager a total of $4,000 to break even; you need not lose that much. It’s easy to rack up a lot of betting action without necessarily losing a lot of money, so this may sound like a lot of money.


Each and every one of your spins at the slots will count toward your total. If your normal bet is a dollar, every time you spin the reels, you’ll get that dollar back from the wagering requirements. While trying to achieve the wagering requirements, you should expect to have both winning and losing streaks.


The rationale behind the need for rollovers.

Because they don’t want to lose money, online casinos have rollover requirements. If there were no rollover requirements, anyone could sign up at a casino, make a deposit, and cash out their bonus funds without ever having to play a single game. The gambling industry would collapse.


Bonuses for poker and sports betting follow a similar rule. Online casinos and poker rooms frequently provide customers with free money just for playing. It would be foolish to provide initial deposit bonuses to customers who promptly close their accounts.


Exceptions in Online Gambling

Always check the terms and conditions of a deposit bonus before accepting it. Most casino bonuses include stipulations that limit or disqualify the value of play on specific games toward fulfilling rollover requirements.


In most cases, bets on blackjack, craps, video poker, and baccarat don’t count toward these minimums. The modest house advantage of these games justifies their exclusion or reduction in number. Due to the negligible house edge, players can almost always come out ahead if they take advantage of the bonuses, stick to even-money bets, and play a lot of hands.


Although wagers on certain table games may count toward the bonus’s wagering requirements, some casinos completely exclude them. In most casinos, a.50 cent bet is considered a $1 one in blackjack. This translates to a reduction of $0.50 in total wagering requirements for every $1.00 wagered in blackjack.


Some bonuses at casinos do allow you to play slots, for example. For instance, Lucky Red Casino frequently announces special time-limited deposit incentives that are not game-specific. Always read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus if you enjoy even money games.






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