What would you pay to... speak Powerfully,

become "Impressive", and live to your Potential?

Pick the Skills you want. Pick your schedule. Get to the Next Level.

Personal Development Sessions: The ONLY elite program in India that gets Powerful Results.

How we get Powerful Results:

This is NOT a typical personality development program. We only work with those who want a long-term change or a transformation.

  • Coaching in the Real-World outside a classroom: The only program that challenges you through outdoor activities, and tests your skills with new individuals of all ages in the real-world.
  • Fully customized coaching plan: Choose your own pace, schedule, topics, and the level of skill you want to attain! (Can be on Sundays also. Location may be: Andheri (East & West), Juhu, Bandra, Worli)
  • Focus on getting Results: You pay for the results, not number of days/hours. We focus on getting visible and concrete results by testing you in the real world.
  • The Coach: You will be coached directly by Animesh Gupta, who's worked with 5000+ students (including at the IIM, NMIMS, etc.) and employees of leading companies (including UNICEF, Adobe, etc.)

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions here

Animesh Gupta: Confidence

Program Details

Duration & Investment: Depends on your level and number of topics selected. Usually 3 months to 12 months, unless there are some urgent circumstances or specific topics. Sessions are held weekly or  biweekly. Fee starts at Rs.30,000.

Pick the statements that apply to you from the 5 groups below. You may pick an entire group, or a combination of statements from multiple groups. 

  • Group A: Communicating Powerfully, & being socially “Impressive”

    1. Conversational-skills
      • Style of talking; Impact of my expressions and body language
      • Speaking to new people of different ages and intellect; Opening-up and overcoming shyness and hesitation
      • How to speak on various subjects easily; generating ideas and new topics to talk about
      • Increasing intimacy or connecting with people in the first meeting
      • Moving to an “Impressive” conversationalist
    2. Public Speaking
      • Stage fright, and refining expressions/gestures for greater effect
      • Delivering presentations with greater energy and engagement
      • Making dry/informational/technical topics interesting and interactive
      • Impromptu speeches
      • Powerful presentation-skills; speaking up confidently in front of an audience
    3. Mastering Interviews
      • Connecting with the interviewers, getting them to like you
      • Putting the point across effectively and persuasively
      • Responding to questions that are stressful, difficult, or tricky
    4. Working in teams, enabling others (and not just focussing on oneself)
    5. Standing out in a crowd, and leading teams
    6. Group discussions for college/work-meetings/social situations: Contributing effectively
    7. Advanced group discussions: Leading discussions; Contributing significantly in any discussion with any age group
    8. Body Language training: “Reading” others’ expressions and body language
    9. Advanced Body Language training: Micro-expressions and Eye-movements
  • Group B: Confidence & Positive Conditioning

    1. Converting self-doubt, self-blame, and inferiority into self-confidence
    2. Eliminating the anxiety about future/career
    3. Conquering fears, phobias, and mental blocks (and understanding the science behind it)
    4. Overcoming negative beliefs/mindsets through powerful psychological techniques (based on NLP and CBT)
    5. Confidence-building, speaking up fearlessly, overcoming shyness
    6. Confidence and strength-building – approaching something new, and resisting the temptation to give up
    7. Developing greater insight and understanding of the opposite sex: Influencing them better
    8. Managing “what others say/think” (parental/peer pressure)
    9. Taking action and being resourceful, instead of making excuses & blaming things/people

  • Group C: Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence

    1. Gaps between current-self and desired-self; My unique skills
    2. What are my core Values? What drives my behaviour?
    3. Re-evaluating and refining career path
    4. What I think will make me successful/happy VS what will “really” make me successful/happy; Making smarter Decisions in career and life
    5. How others perceive me, and how I perceive others
    6. Patterns of thinking, how it helps/hinders my progress or people-skills
    7. Stress Management & practical ways of increasing one’s Emotional Intelligence
    8. Remaining calm under pressure, Managing anger, impulse, or real-life crisis
    9. Empathy-building and understanding others’ perspectives

  • Group D: Intellectual Growth, & Influencing People verbally

    1. Increasing Critical-Thinking and Reasoning skills
    2. Understanding one’s own patterns of behaviour, as well as those of others
    3. Making compelling arguments and using analogies to influence people
    4. Persuading people at work and home by deconstructing their words and redefine meanings
    5. Developing the power to notice subtle flaws in logic; bringing clarity for oneself and others
    6. Bringing in different angles/perspectives instead of a biased or unilateral one
    7. Using potent counterarguments, and critiquing strong opinions or point of views
    8. Advanced reasoning and argumentation-skills; Discussions on controversial subjects like Religion, Ethics, etc.

  • Group E: Leadership & Mastering People-skills

    This level would require you to work on all the above statements that are relevant to you. Beyond that, we will design a program for you separately.


Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Must be above 15 years of age
  • Must not be coerced into this program by someone else (e.g., parents)
  • Not less than average intelligence; Must be rational/logical
  • Extremely interested and 100% committed in long-term changes.







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