How would your life be if you could learn to

Speak powerfully, be impressive, and live to your potential?

The ONLY elite program in India that GUARANTEES Powerful Results.

(Sessions happen once in 5-14 days according to YOUR pace, time, and progress!)

This is NOT a typical "personality development" course:

Read this page FULLY from top to bottom.

Our programs are designed to achieve visible, real-world results. There is no way that you will not get the results we promise. Because this takes time (2 to 12 months), we let you decide your own timings - weekends, once a week, once a month, shorter sessions, longer sessions back-to-back, whatever you prefer. Therefore, it works for students or working professionals who have a packed schedule. The location will mostly be Andheri East, and sometimes Khar West, Juhu, or Vile Parle. (Please keep in mind that you will be travelling only once in 7-15 days for the sessions - depending on your convenience.)

Confidence & Speaking Powerfully

Program Structure: How we "Transform"

  1. You decide what all skills you want (see "program details" below), and to what extent you want these skills. We then design the program according to your needs, time you have available, and your budget.
  2. The program typically involves a couple of one-to-one sessions to begin with, where we explain to you the methods of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - a science that makes the achievement of goals and learning new skills much more easy and fun. One-to-one sessions also help understand the techniques of handling anxiety and nervousness.
  3. Then we move to a small group, and we gradually keep increasing the size of the group or the level of the audience in the group as you progress.
  4. Eventually, we bring you into a large group of strangers where you are supposed to make a strong impression in quick time. (Don't worry, we'll go step-wise so you feel confident achieving this task!)
  5. After each session, you will apply the learnings in your real-life. This is the most important part of our program. You will be given whatever time you need to do so, before we schedule the next session. For e.g., speaking more in your social/work situations. You will frequently update us about your applications and progress via call/WhatsApp. For e.g., sending an audio recording of your conversation with peers/colleagues for us to analyse and tweak.
  6. The format will vary depending on who the individual is, what they need, how they're progressing, how busy their schedule is, etc. We do NOT have a batch system, as people get comfortable with each other quickly and that defeats the "real-world" simulation. Therefore, we keep switching people around every session.
  7.  This is the only program that challenges you through outdoor coaching and activity-based learning which may include sports, overnight trekking, group sessions in an actual cafe (e.g., when we're working on conversational-skills), etc.
  8. The Coach: This is not a typical program where we allot you a junior trainer. You will be coached directly by Animesh Gupta, who's worked with 5000+ students (including at the IIM, NMIMS, etc.) and employees of leading companies (including UNICEF, Adobe, etc.)

Real-World Coaching

Program Details (skills/topics we offer)

Decide what you want to work on by picking the statements that apply to you from Groups A to E below. You may pick an entire group, or a combination of statements from multiple groups.

  • Group A: Communicating Powerfully (work/college AND social settings)

    (For overcoming nervousness or shyness when speaking in front of people, see “Group B”)

    1. Conversational-skills (one-to-one and in small groups)
      • What people really think about my conversations-skills after the first meeting: Overall assessment
      • Enhancing my style of talking, the impact of my expressions and body language
      • Being able to speak to new people of different ages and intellect
      • Developing greater insight and understanding of the opposite sex: Influencing them better
      • How to speak on various subjects easily; generating ideas and new topics to talk about
      • Increasing intimacy or connecting with people in the first meeting
      • Moving to an “Impressive” conversationalist
    2. Public Speaking for Formal settings (in small and large groups)
      • What people really think about my public-speaking: Overall assessment
      • Enhancing my verbal and non-verbal skills for greater effect
      • Learning how to create engaging and powerful content; starting and ending with an impact
      • Refining the Powerpoint slides, structure of information, flow of content, visual appeal, etc.
      • Delivering presentations with greater energy and engagement
      • Learning how to make dry or technical topics interesting and interactive
      • Mastering the art of Powerful presentation-skills; speaking up impressively in front of a large audience
    3. Public Speaking for Informal settings (in small and large groups)
      • What people really think about my public-speaking: Overall assessment
      • Speaking effectively in group discussions for work meetings or social situations
      • Being a leader in group discussions for work meetings or social situations; Learning how to contribute significantly in any discussion with any age group
      • Impromptu speeches: Being able to talk effectively on any topic, without any preparation
    4. Mastering Interviews
      • Connecting with the interviewers, getting them to like you
      • Putting the point across effectively and persuasively
      • Responding to questions that are stressful, difficult, or tricky
  • Group B: Confidence-building, & Positive Conditioning

    1. Speaking fearlessly in front of people; overcoming shyness and hesitation. (Speaking to people of the opposite gender, or people in senior roles, etc.)
    2. Practical techniques to manage nervousness, racing heartbeat, becoming “blank,” panicking, shaking/trembling
    3. Practical techniques to manage negativity, anxiety, self-defeating thoughts, overthinking, self-doubt, negative mindset, mental blocks.
    4. Overcoming the constant fear about life, people, career, or future.
    5. Eliminating phobias (stage fright, height, water, darkness, etc.) through powerful scientific methods
    6. Making decisions confidently and rationally; approaching new things with confidence; managing “what others say/think” (parental/peer pressure)
    7. Developing a “go-getter” mindset to achieve one’s potential; resisting the temptation to give up during challenging tasks
  • Group C: Self-awareness, & mastering People-skills

    1. Complete real-world assessment on how others perceive me, and how I perceive others
    2. Being aware of one’s patterns of thinking; how it helps and hinders progress
    3. Being aware of others’ patterns of thinking, as a basis to influence people
    4. Increasing the power to understand or accept others’ behaviour and their point of view
    5. Body Language training: “Reading” others’ expressions and body language; Real-world test of how well I can understand and analyse people’s behaviour
    6. Moving to a more scientific/smarter decision-making process, in career and in life
    7. Stress Management & practical ways of increasing one’s Emotional Intelligence
    8. Remaining calm under pressure, Managing anger, impulse, or real-life crisis
    9. Taking action and being resourceful, instead of making excuses & blaming things/people
    10. Working in teams, enabling others (and not just focussing on oneself)
  • Group D: Intellectual Growth, & Influencing People verbally

    1. Increasing Critical-Thinking and Reasoning skills
    2. Making compelling arguments and using analogies to influence people
    3. Using potent counterarguments, and critiquing strong opinions or point of views
    4. Persuading people at work and home by deconstructing their words and redefine meanings
    5. Developing the power to notice subtle flaws in logic; bringing clarity for oneself and others
    6. Advanced reasoning and argumentation-skills; Discussions on subjects like Religion, Ethics, Psychology, etc.
  • Group E: Leadership & Mastering Groups A to D

    This level would require you to work on all the above statements that are relevant to you. If you’re already competent in these areas, we will design a program for you separately.


Fees & Payment Terms:

  • 75% of the money is refundable at any point for any reason
  • Payment can be made in installments (except for Level 1), but within 1-3 months
  • You can start the coaching at any Level, and take 4 weeks to decide if you want to go for a higher Level



  • Not less than average intelligence; Must be rational/logical.
  • For students, the minimum age is 14 years, and they must not be coerced into this program by someone else (e.g., parents).
  • The participant must speak Hindi or English, and should have gone through the contents of this entire page.


(Please read this page fully before contacting us.)






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